My name is Mr.Uthai  Cheummarung email :  mobile: 0815305654  I am 45 years old, at the age of nine I left my family to live  and become a temple boy at Wat Sa Kaew(วัดสระแก้ว อ ป่าโมก จ อ่างทอง)  Angthong province. Eventually I became a novice monk and then a full time monk for 10 years, after when I left to gain more experience in life.

  I studied very hard to learn to speak English and in 1991 also trained as a tourist guide at Chiang Mai University. I am now a fully qualified english speaking tour guide based in Chiang Mai.

  I  have worked for a several overseas travel companys and have traveled abroad to Singapore, Nepal, India, United States of America,  Laos, Cambodia  and  Burma.

 I have been a keen birdwatcher for many years and have led and organised many birdwatching field trips for clients from the UK, Taiwan, Singapore and USA. I have traveled and birdwatched extensively across Northern Thailand,seen 600+